Custom cakes are priced based on many different factors such as time & level of design. 
Our minimum for Custom cakes begin at $150

2D cakes range from $300-$500+

3D Cakes (Trucks, Cars, Planes, Robots, Buildings, Etc.) begin at $1000


The sooner the better. We do experience higher than average commission requests during Winter Holidays, Graduation Season (Summer and Winter), Spring & Fall Wedding Season and often sell out many weeks in advance.
Please submit our contact form for availability: Contact Form


Typically we start any cake with an 8-inch round serving up to 20 guests. 

Here are some common configurations:

8"   Round serves 15-20

10" Round serves 25-30

2 Tier round cakes can serve 30-35 or we can go a bit wider to serve 45-50 guests.

3 Tier round cakes serve 70-75 or we can go a bit wider to serve 100 guests             

As Pictured*

Serving 75:    $450

Botanicals:    $  75


As Pictured*

Serving 30-35: $250

As Pictured*

Serving 30-35:  $275

*Non-peak pricing, additional fees may apply

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